In the early waking moments of CXXVI Clothing Co., the idea was pretty simple: Do what we want, because it doesn't matter who likes it, as long as we like it. It turned out that what we were doing happened to appeal to more than just us and thank god, because it's been a very fulfilling ride, even if there have been bumps along the way.

The early stages of CXXVI saw us dabbling in weird, experimental techniques in brand management and production methods. We were literally on a zero dollar budget and had to figure out how to make things look cool and expensive without spending more than a couple bucks here an there. Thankfully, we ran Onetwentysix Design Studios for years and years prior to even entertaining the idea of starting our own clothing company, so the hardest parts were already done in our eyes. We had designed for so many brands, that we knew exactly what it took to bring down a bright-eyed startup.

Our expectations were low and our creativity was rampant; with a little push here and there and a few favors from some good friends, we were in business and on our way to developing what is now CXXVI Clothing Co.


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